My Boost is not working!

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Ensure boost is showing active in the Dashboard.

2. Power off your router and ONT for 20 minutes to allow the connection to fully drop and re-establish.

3. Re-Test using or Before you begin please make sure all of your other devices are offline i.e. not connected to your network.

Note: Please ensure you are testing to the closest server to your location and in the case of please select your closest Vocus Group server.

4. Please only follow this step if you see speeds of below 100 Download AND Upload.

Please check the printing on the side of any Ethernet cables you are using for the service both between the Router and the ONT as well as between the Router and your Computer or Device, They need to be labeled either CAT5E or CAT6 to support speeds above 100Mbps, The ones issued with the ONT and Router support these speeds however older or outside purchased cables may not support these speeds, Please also ensure the cable is in good condition with no obvious signs of damage such as crushing, stretching or sharp bends as this can damage the internal strands in the cable which may also limit it to 100Mbps.

If your service is using a Chorus branded ONT please check the LAN light colour as this should be Orange, Green indicates the cable is limiting the speed between the ONT and Router to 100Mb.

5. If the problem is still present please try factory resetting by pressing and holding the little button inside the reset hole in the back for 20 seconds on your router and re-setting it up using the instructions below:



6. If the previous test was over wifi please test over Ethernet for comparison, Please ensure that wifi is disabled or switched off on your computer or device while you run this test.

Note: Wifi is not capable of sustaining the full speed of a Boost service so to fully utilize a Boost connection you will need to connect via Ethernet with Wifi disabled.

7. Test using alternate device to gather further examples and isolate any issue with a specific device.

8. If your speed is still slower than the expected results indicated below you can raise a ticket to our support centre at please ensure you incude screenshots or links to the testing results received on step 3.

Boost Info

If you added Boost to your service we provision  Gigabit fibre services where our network supports it. You should see  speeds approaching 900Mbps download and 400Mbps upload in most parts of  New Zealand.  In those areas where Gigabit fibre services have not yet  been rolled out, you can expect to see speeds close to 200Mbps download  and 20Mbps upload - note we are currently upgrading these areas so they  too can get Gigabit fibre speeds in the near future.


Typical speed results should be above 80% of the expected speeds.  Anything lower may indicate an issue depending on the result  shown. However, if the speeds match with the expected speed of your  connection but it's still slow, this may indicate the connection is  functioning fine but there may be an issue with your Network devices or  router.

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