Voice Messages/Voicemail/Answerphone

Accessing your voicemail/messages box

Using your Stuff Voice App, or from your home phone connected to our Voice service - Simply dial *55 (or 028890000) from your phone to access your personal mailbox.

Listening to you messages and navigating the menu

There are lots of things you can do in your messages box such as navigate messages, change folders, move messages between folders, forward messages, play back message details, return a call, place a new outgoing call and more... Here are the main menu options available to you when you connect to your mailbox:

'1' - Listen to messages in currently selected folder. (new or old messages selected when you first connect)

'2' - Change your current message folder:

'0' for new messages

'1' for old messages

'2' for work messages

'3' for family messages

'4' for friends messages

'#' to cancel

'3' - advanced options ('4' to place an outgoing call)

'0' - Mailbox options (record greetings and set PIN number)

'*' - Help

'#' - Exit

Setting up and changing your voicemail/message greetings

Once you have dialled in to your mailbox, press '0' to access your mailbox options. Then you can navigate the menu as follows:

'1' - To setup your unavailable message

'2' - To setup your busy message

'3' - To setup your name

'4' - To setup a temporary greeting (i.e. on vacation for a while)

'5' - To change your PIN number  

Press '#' after recording and follow the prompts to listen to the recording and save it if you wish.

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