How much does it cost to install Fibre?

The short answer to the question is: in most cases, nothing.

There are some exceptions, although they are very rare and are due to the difficulties in getting the installation done. In the main, the physical work of getting Fibre into your home is paid for by the government.


The Fibre services we provide are carried over the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB for short) network that is a NZ government initiative, and funded by Crown Fibre Holdings.

This initiative, costing over $1.5 billiion, aims to eventually cover 85% of Kiwis through a partnership with local fibre laying companies (often referred to as LFCs). Four partners have been chosen by CFH to roll out the UFB network across NZ: Chorus, Ultra Fast Fibre, Enable Networks and Northpower. You can also read more about this partnership on the CFH website.

Types of installation

Quite a few of the people we talk to are confused about exactly what "getting Fibre" actually means. Some people think they already have it but don't yet, and others aren't sure but already do.

Its important to note the Fibre internet is a whole new technology that supercedes older technologies like ADSL and VDSL (both carried over traditional copper networks) and even the newer Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (or HFC) network that Vodafone uses in some parts of NZ. These older technologies are less reliable and consistent, more prone to physical defects or issues (like heavy rain, or electro-magnetic interference) and are also slower overall.

So how can I tell what kind of installation I can expect? Do I even need to get it installed?

Full physical installation

This is where your local fibre laying company visits your home and physically connects the Fibre from your street into your home. Naturally it requires the most work, and whilst it will only happen once for each address, it takes the most time and can be the most challenging.

Whilst it wont cost you any money (except in the rarest cases) to get Fibre physicall installed, it will definitely require a small investment in your time.

In most cases a technician will have to come visit you whilst you are at home, and in some cases it will mean two or even three visits.

Whilst its tempting to try and accelerate this process, and even to delegate your presence for someone you know, it really is wisest to be present when it is happening. You should be comfortable with the design of the cable laying outside your home before proceeding. The Optical Network Terminal (or ONT) that is installed inside your also should be place somewhere you are comfortable with it being permanently.

Intact ONT

You may hear this phrase when you are looking at Fibre services in a new place you are moving into. It refers to an ONT that has been installed, and there is noone using it.

The investment in time and effort on your behalf here is very small, since most services can be turned on remotely. You will just need to make sure the ONT is plugged in and turned on first.

Since we have no set up costs, we can connect you for free and usually within just a couple of days!

Transfer an existing Fibre connection

There is no cost with us when transferring services to or from us. The process is very similar to an Intact ONT - we simply need to gather some details and then can activate your Fibre with us remotely.

You should note that there may be some costs with the provider you are leaving. Whilst we dont charge exit or termination fees, most of our competitors do, so its important to check with them first.

Lastly, the transfer of services from one provider to another is different with each LFC (and the region they serve):

  • Chorus will allow you to transfer services, and automatically terminate your previous provider at the same time. We will just need the details of your current providers account, and we will take care of the rest.
  • Enable, UFF, and Northpower currently do not support switching. They will connect your services to another port on your ONT - so that you will need to unplug your router from the port you currently use and into the one we are connected to. And then you will need to contact your previous provider to cancel your services.
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