ASUS Setup Wizard

To setup the RT-AC58U please follow the instructions below, Please note this setup method is intended as a backup option as ASUS routers sent out by us should come factory configured to these settings.

1. Log in via either of the options below:

Username: admin
Password: admin

You may be asked to change this during the login process or alternatively during the following steps

2. Once logged in if required to run the setup wizard you will see the screen below.

Click Manual Setting

NOTE: If you do not see this screen you can skip ahead to step 5 or until you see a screen matching one of the screenshots below.

3. Chose a new Username (Login Name) and Password for logging into the ASUS device and click Next

NOTE: This is for logging into the ASUS device only and not for connecting to wifi.

4. Select Wireless router mode and click Next

5. Select No and click Next

6. You will see the following page.

Select "Automatic IP" and tick "Special Requriement from ISP"
In the options on the right select "Manual Setting for Select ISP Profile and then enter an Internet VID of "10" then clik Next

7. Chose a Wif Name and/or Password as below, Please ensure you use something different to what you have used in the past (adding a number on the end of the name is fine) you will see 2 networks.

2.4Ghz: This is the older standard option and is better for longer distances at slower speeds.
5Ghz: This is the newer technology supported by some newer Computers, Phones, etc and is better for faster speeds but only at closer proximity to the router.

This page will automatically set them both to the same password if you don't enter a password for the 5Ghz network.

Once you are done click Apply

8. Double check your settings, they should appear similar to what you see below.

Once you are sure they are correct click Complete

9. You have now completed setup and should see the page below confirming your new wifi details, You will now need to wait for the router to reboot which should take approx 2 minutes in total and will then need to re-connect to wifi using the new details if you changed them during the previous steps.

You should now be able to connect to the internet!

NOTE: If you do not see this page no need to panic, Simply wait for the router to restart fully until you see approx 3 or more lights and then re-connect using your new details.

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