NETGEAR WiFi network setup

1. Open a browser

Search bar

Open your favourite browser, and enter into the search or URL bar.

2. Login to your router


Enter User name and Password. If this is the first time you are logging in, the default login details are in bold:

  1. Username: admin
  2. Password: password.
  3. Then click on Login

3. Select Wireless

Wireless Settings

Click on the Wireless panel in the middle OR select the the Wireless option in the list to open the Wireless Settings page.

4. Edit the Wireless Settings

4a. Set the name for your network/s

Name (SSID) is the name of your home network. This is the name that you will see when trying to connect to your WiFi network from any mobile, computer or other device in your home.

The default name is fine to use, but if you wish to update your SSID you can change it in the fields highlighted below.

INFO: There are two networks in this router, and they run on different radio frequencies. The 2.4GHz network is better at penetrating walls and objects so will provide a better signal further away. The 5GHz network provides higher speed overall when there are minimal obstacles between you and the router.

TIP: You can name the two networks in the identical fashion if you want. This will mean your mobile devices will seamlessly move from one network to the next if the signal for one gets weaker. So you get the best speed when close to the router, and the best signal when you are in another room!

TIP: If you dont want your neighbours to see your network, you can easily turn off the SSID Broadcast using the checkbox. Just remember that you will need to manually enter the exact name (capitals included) into any device, since your network wont appear in the list when it checks. You can always come back here if you happen to forget your network SSID.

4b Set the password for your network/s

The Passphrase is your password that you use to connect your WiFi network.

If you wish to update your Passphrase you can change it in the fields highlighted.

TIP: If you have chosen to use the same SSID in the previous step, make sure you use the exact same password for both networks as well. This way your devices will happily connect to either network seamlessly.

5. Finish

Click on "Apply" to save your changes. It will take a little time for the router to make the changes, and when done you will see the screen from step 3.

Once your changes have saved you are now ready to re-connect to your wireless network with the new password.

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