Connect my PC, Mac or smart device to Wifi

Use this guide to help you connect your device (PC, Laptop, Mac, smart TV or portable device etc) to your WiFi network.

  1. With your device, open the Network Settings or WiFi settings menu on your device.  Depending on the device you will likely access it through your settings menu (app on iOS and Android) or through Control Panel in Windows and open System Preferences on Mac.
  2. If necessary navigate to your available networks list where you find your router.
  3. Select the connection you wish to use (some multi-band routers display their bands as individual connections) and then click or select to connect.
  4. Enter your router network key (password).  If you haven't set it up yet you will find the network key on the underside or your router.
  5. Once connected you'll be able to use your device to connect to the internet!

WPS - Using WiFi-Protected Setup you can avoid having to locate or remember your network key.  Simply press and hold the WPS key/button on your router for a few seconds.  Follow the steps above and you'll connect without being prompted for a key.  On some devices you may need to select a connection option like "Connect using WPS."

We found that has a great guide for setting up your smartphone or tablet.

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