Do I need to cancel my existing connection?

You should always confirm services are canceled with your previous provider once they are working with us.

Are you a DSL customer at the moment?

If you have an existing DSL service at the same address you'll need to call your current ISP to schedule disconnection for after your new Fibre service is connected (We recommend three days after to allow time to cancel this order if your connection is delayed). As Fibre is different technology and is connected and disconnected independently, we recommend holding on to your existing internet connection until your Fibre is active.

Are you a Fibre customer at the moment?

Most of the time you shouldn't need to cancel the current service. Otherwise, we always recommend notifying your existing provider beforehand to ensure you aren't in breach of your contract, or you may receive penalty charges. Once the change has been completed you should confirm that your account has been closed with the previous provider.

We don't expect any service disruptions and the hand-over should be seamless.  We may need to call you if we require more information, though.

One exception to the rule is customers in areas serviced by Enable or UFF, In this case we will advise you when it is safe to disconnect the existing service.

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