Why Fibre?

Fibre isn't about ‘upgrading’ your old copper network, it's a completely new connection. Think about it like getting electricity or water installed to your house for the first time.

Here are some great reasons to change to Fibre:

The great potential of bandwidth

Fibre cable is made of glass, so, it supports more data at the same time.

Faster speed

The light that comes through the Fibre optic cable is very stable and won't permit the loss of the signal. Your data travels at the speed of light!

Greater range

No matter the distance, with Fibre, there is no speed loss like there is with copper.


The Fibre cable has a great life span, is thin and easy to hide. It has just been installed in the streets, is a fresh product with better performance. Copper cables have been in place for up to fifty years, have often been damaged and typically are in bad condition overall which impacts directly on the signal strength to your home.

Protection and security

One of the best advantages of the Fibre cable is that its main material is glass. It is completely invulnerable to electromagnetic interference which protects your devices from power surges.


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