I can't connect!

Oh no! Follow the directions below and if you're still stuck get in touch.

1. Please make sure you've received a confirmation email from us saying you're active.

2. Please confirm your ONT (Device on the wall installed by the technician) and router (Device provided by us or yourself) are both plugged in and switched on.

3. Please confirm the lights on the ONT are as follows:

Power - Green
Optical or PON - Green
GE1 or LAN1 - Green/Orange/Yellow

No additional lights should be showing, if the LOS or Alarm light is on or if the OPTICAL or PON light is off please skip the following steps and contact us directly using the contact form below.

4. You should have a cable between the ETH1 or LAN1 port on your ONT (as shown below)...

...on your wall and the Internet or WAN port on your Router.

5. If all the following steps appear correct please switch off your router.  Leave it off for 30 seconds before switching it back on.

If all else fails please get in touch via the support button at the bottom of the page.

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