How do I change my credit/debit card?

Changing your credit or debit card is easy!

The button at the top right of this page labelled Login gives you access to your Stuff Fibre dashboard. Simply click on it to get started.

My Stuff button

Once you have logged in using your Facebook, Google+ or Stuff account details (whichever one you set your account with us up with), you will see the dashboard. Along the top bar you should see My Account which will give you access to your personal and payment details.

My Account button

Now click on Payment Details.

Payment button

Now simply press the CHANGE CARD button as shown below.

Change card

Enter your new details. and press SAVE CHANGES.  There will be a short delay while your card is verified before being confirmed.


If your new card was successfully added (remember that we have to verify it with your bank first!), then you will get this pop-up.

IMPORTANT: When we verify your card your bank may require us to put an authorisation hold on your card for $1. We void this amount immediately (meaning no money ever actually leaves your account), however it may show on your card for a number of days until your bank removes it from the transaction list.

You should now see the new card - we only show the last four digits for security reasons. Note that the new numbers of your card may only show up once you log out and back in again to your dashboard.

Change card
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