Will my monitored alarm still work?

Most monitored alarms rely on a traditional copper connection. That's not to say you dont have options.

A standard Fibre installation means that the old copper cabling gets removed. If you have a monitored alarm system - one where it contacts a security company on a regular basis or if there is an alarm at your home - you need to take a few extra steps.

Please be sure to read this and plan ahead to ensure your monitored alarm continues to function.

1. Keep the copper lines intact

Each fibre laying company has its own policies on the removal of copper lines when fibre is installed. For example, Chorus automatically remove it if not explicitly asked otherwise. Whereas Ultra Fast Fibre commonly will ask you when they are completing the installation what you would like done.

We strongly recommend that you let us know when you are signing up that you have a monitored alarm AND that you let your local fibre laying company know the very first time they get in touch with you.

Make sure you ask them to leave the copper in place, if that is your choice.

IMPORTANT: You will have to pay for the phone line to stay connected on the copper. We do not provide any copper services, so you will need to find a company that offers phone-only services over copper, and organise an account with them.

2. Upgrade your current alarm's capability

Many modern alarms will allow you to change the way it connects to the security company to a digital method. The very newest ones will likely have it built in, the older ones may require some additional circuits or modules added to them.

If your alarm system cannot be upgraded, or the cost is prohibitive, you still have a number of options left. It may be time to take the next step towards a smart home! However, we strongly encourage you to consider carefully what you do next.

3. The new age of monitored digital alarms

With the move into fast internet services, and especially fibre, you open up your options for better (often more affordable) systems.

Most of these systems will be digital, easy to set up, and will connect simply to your home network (and from there the internet). They offer video monitoring, alarms at your home, and alerts to your mobile phone when you are away from home. They will usually even store footage captured by cameras, so you can review it later. They have even been known to help catch criminals who have broken into people's homes!

Here are a few we like and have had some experience with.

3.1. Nest

A quickly growing and innovative company, Nest was recently purchased by Google. They offer brilliantly designed and elegant solutions, ranging from indoor motion-detecting cameras, a smoke alarm system and outdoor cameras.

All of the devices in the Nest range connect intelligently to each other, as well as to other "smart home" devices you may have on your home network. All part of the exciting future the Fibre is bringing us all!

Check them out at: Nest.com

Nest images

3.2. NETGEAR Arlo

Arlo is a very clever package from NETGEAR, that makes it simple to solve all of your home monitoring needs in one go. You can choose kits with indoor or outdoor cameras, or a combination. It all connects to a central "hub" that hooks up to your home network.

As with the other solutions, the Arlo system will alert you if it detects motion at your home, and capture the footage so you can review it.

Check it out at: Arlo.com

Arlo images

3.3. Ring

If you are after a simpler and very affordable home security system, its hard to go past Ring. Clever design and great technology are combined to give you either a "smart doorbell" or external camera. Both connect to your home network, have motion sensors that connect to an app on your phone, and store the footage in the cloud so you can review it anywhere.

You can even answer your front door in Christchurch from your sisters place in Brisbane while you are on holiday!

Check it out at: Ring.com

Ring images
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