How soon can I get Fibre connected?

It depends on each case - in most cases within a week if you already have fibre built to your home, and on average around 3 weeks if you dont yet.

1. Existing fibre installation

If your property already has had Fibre laid out to the ONT (Optical Terminal Network) then the connection will typically take around a week.

You may have recently moved into a home where fibre has already been installed previously. And new developments across the country are now requiring the builders to build fibre directly to buildings as they are built.

To check if you have had fibre previously installed, ask the previous owners, tenants or the landlord. You can also check around your home to see if you can find the ONT. Here is what it will look like (although it may be a different colour and have one of Chorus, Ultra Fast Fibre, Enable, or Northpower written on it):

If you do already have one of these, please note down any serial numbers or codes written on the box - we will need these to get you connected.

Dont worry though if you simply cant find an ONT or dont know if you have fibre installed - we can and will check it once you sign up and keep you informed about any information we may need from you.

2. New fibre installation

In the case where your home can support Fibre but needs an installation for cables to be laid out and the ONT installed, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to two-three months.

Installing your fibre requires a number of steps, and at least one visit from your local fibre laying company. More information about the stages themeselves can be found in this article. Timeframes for each stage are roughly as follows:

2.2. Scoping

The actual time required to complete scoping is usually an hour or less. However, it may take a few days or a week to set up a time when you are home and a technician is available. Please try to be as flexible as possible to get time set aside, as the faster you get this part done the quicker the install will proceed.


2.3. External build

This will take anywhere from an hour to a whole day to complete, depending on all of the work required. You will be given a rough idea when you go through the scoping as above. In some cases, like where the cabling is delivered from a telegraph pole or similar, it can be quite quick.

2.4. Internal installation

Getting the ONT installed inside your home, and everything cabled and powered up is the last step. Its safest to allow around 4 hours for this stage, although it often takes much less. You will also need the router we have sent you handy.

In some cases we do see these last three stages merged into one. If you are forunate enough to have a relatively easy installation path, you may have a technician who will happily complete the entire installation on the very first Scoping visit!

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