Can I use my own router?

The short answer is: yes, you can.

The longer answer is: you will need to configure your own router, and we will only support you by providing the settings required.

We ship our routers, both the included router and the upgrade routers, with the correct configuration in place. And we have tested and performance tuned them on our network, so can confirm they work as expected. We can't know how your router will perform, although we are confident our network is configured to work well with most routers in any case.

The settings you will need

IMPORTANT: There are a few settings that you will need to make sure are configured properly in your own router. If any of these are not set properly you will not be able to connect to the internet.

Connection type: IPoE or DHCP
NOTE: We dont use usernames/passwords to connect you to our network, these settings should mean you dont have to enter any either.

Internet IP Address: Get Dynamically from ISP

Domain Name Server: Get Automatically from ISP

NOTE: If you need to manually enter the DNS server settings for any reason, please use these settings:
Primary: Secondary:

VLAN Tagging (sometimes called IPTV settings): Enabled


VLAN Priority: 0

SIP ALG: Disabled

IPv6 Settings:

Connection Type: DHCP with Prefix Deligation

IPv6 Del.Pfx.           :2401:7000:b040:8200::/56

Primary IPv6 DNS        :2401:1880::1

Secondary IPv6 DNS      :2401:1880::2

TIP: We also recommend that you change your router settings so that WiFi channels on the 2.4GHz network is limited to channels 1-11. This is often done when you change the router to settings for the United States. Many devices can't find channels 12+ which is why some routers limit the network this way by default.

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