Setup for Android Phone

You can easily install the Stuff Fibre Voice app on your Android (also referred to as Google) phone, and receive calls on your home number straight away. You can even make unlimited calls to local and national numbers across New Zealand, even when you are away from home!

1. Download from the Google Play Store

You can easily get our app from this link: Get it on Google Play

Alternatively you can open the Play Store app on your device, and search for Stuff Fibre Voice:

2. Install the Voice app

3. Run the Voice app

You can run it straight after it is installed from the Play Store, and can find it later on your screen.

4. Configure Account (first time only)

You will need to add your own home number and password to give access to the Voice app to take and make calls. Both of these items are provided you via email when we create your Voice service for you, as well as in the MyStuff dashboard next to you Voice service in the My Set Up section.

If you cannot remember or find your Voice Number and/or Password, please refer to this Support article.

Phone Number: Provided by Stuff-Fibre

Password: Provided by Stuff-Fibre

Enter these details into the Set Up Voice screen.

Then simply select Login.

5. You are ready to take and make calls

IMPORTANT: The Stuff Fibre Voice service is an exciting new way to let your home number go with you, wherever you go. Once you have set up your mobile device with our app, you can take calls from friends and relatives anywhere in the world. We also give you the added benefit of unlimited calls to local and national numbers in New Zealand. Since we believe strongly that there are already so many great, easy to use alternatives out there for making mobile and international calls, our Voice app does not support calling numbers other then local,  national and tollfree ones.

TIP: You can set up the Voice phone number on up to 6 devices. For steps on how to do this, please visit this Support article.

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