Set up my NETGEAR router

If we have provided you with a NETGEAR router, please first check which model you are using. Our standard included Gigabit Router has the model number R6220. Our Tri-Band Router we refer to by the number R8000 and the Quad-Stream Router is R8500.

Note that this applies only to NETGEAR routers. For setting up your ASUS router please refer to this article instead.

Connecting the router to the ONT

1. Taking the provided ethernet cable, connect one end to the yellow WAN socket on the back of the router.

2. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the GE1 or LAN1 socket on the ONT. We may ask you to use another port where an existing fibre connection is already in place - like if you are switching from another provider and their service is not yet cancelled.

3. The lights on the two sockets connected should start to flash in green and/or amber, indicating a live connection.

Connecting to my WiFi network

Every NETGEAR router comes with a sticker on the top of the router that will show the network name (or SSID) and default password on it. Use this information to connect your devices to the router, and if you choose to discard the sticker, please make sure you store this information elsewhere.

IMPORTANT: The network name/SSID and password on the sticker will be reapplied if you factory reset your router. Good to know if you ever forget your current password, or you need to reset it for any reason.

Since each of the NETGEAR routers are quite different, we have provided separate articles on how to change your WiFi settings. Please refer to them as per below:

Gigabit Router: NETGEAR R6220

Tri-Band Router: NETGEAR R8000 (also known as NightHawk X6)

Quad-Stream Router: NETGEAR R8500 (also known as NightHawk X8)

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