Using SafeZone

SafeZone is our free and easy-to-use content filtering service. Protect your family from undesirable internet sites, with the simple press of a button.

1. Turning SafeZone on

By default SafeZone is turned off when you first set up your Fibre service with us. Turning it on or off is as easy as flciking a switch:

  1. Select the My Set Up category in the top black bar, and then choose SafeZone
  2. You will see a toggle switch at the top of the section, which shows the current state of SafeZone. On means filters are being applied to your home network, whilst Off means your internet is unfiltered.
  3. A Profile is a collection of filters, and each filter relates to a category (eg. Adult Content, or Violence). This section will show your current active Profile when SafeZone is On, and will be empty when SafeZone is Off.
  4. You will be able to choose from pre-set Profiles that make it easy to get started. You can customise the Profile to your heart's content once you have selected one.

2. Choosing your SafeZone Profile

Once you have turned SafeZone on, you can begin to set up how you would like it to work:

  1. SafeZone should now show it is On, meaning filters are being applied.
  2. Simply select a Profile here, and it will be applied instantly.
  3. If you wish to view or change the specific categories being filtered, you need only click on Customise this profile

3. Customise your Profile

When you choose Customise this profile from Step 2 above, you will be taken to this screen. Here you will see what is currently being Filtered, versus what is not.

  1. Toggle the filters On or Off as you wish. Note that when a Filter is On and shows up green, your home network is being protected from access to those sites. Off means no filtering is turned on.
  2. Selecting Reset Filters will return all of the filters to how they were last saved. This way you can quickly remove anything you have just changed.
  3. Click on Apply Change once you are happy with your choices, and to close this page.

4. Customised profile

When you have finished customising your Profile you will see a different name and graphic. You can customise this further if you wish, or simply switch back to a pre-configured Profile from the options below.

Your SafeZone set up is complete!

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