How do I find my Voice password?

We will send you your phone number and password once your new Voice service is set up. If you are bringing your home phone number fom another provider, you will already know it. If you do not receive the email from us, or lose it and need to get access to your password at any time, here are the steps to find it.

1. Go to the Stuff Fibre "MyStuff" dashboard

First you will need to log in to your MyStuff dashboard, which you can find by visiting our website, and clicking on MY STUFF in the top right corner of the main page.

If you are already logged in, you will see GO TO MY STUFF.

TIP: You can also go directly to the login page from this link (feel free toi save it as a favourite!):

2. Log in to MyStuff

You will need to use the same login method (or social identity) you chose when you signed up.

If you choose one that you are already logged in to on another page, it will automatically recognise that and send you straight through to the dashboard. Easy!

If you are logged out of that social identity, it will pop up the correct login page so you can enter your details with them, and then send you through to the dashboard.

3. Check your Voice service details

Once you are logged in to MyStuff, you should automatically arrive at the My Set Up area. If not, you can easily choose it by clicking on the title in the top bar.

Once you are in My Set Up, the Services area will list what service you currently have with Stuff Fibre, and the details for each.

This is where you can get your current Voice details from (we have blurred the actual numbers in this screenshot only):

You will need these details to set up the Stuff Fibre Voice app in whichever device you choose to use it. Instructions for each of these can be found in our Support area:



Android phone

Android tablet

Cisco ATA device (if you have purchased one from us, to use with you home phone handset)

4. If you want to change the password

We currently request that you contact us to change your Voice password. All of the information on the various ways you can contact us are available in this Support article.

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