Using Voice on more than one device

One of the great features of our Stuff Fibre Voice service is that you can use it on more than one device at a time. You can use it on any iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet, as well as a small device (known as a SIP ATA adapter) that plugs in to your router and home phone handset. And you can have it working on up to 6 devices all at once.

Best of all, the service is set up to ring on all of the devices you have it set up on all at once! The first device to pick up the call will answer it.

If you do wish to use Voice on more than one device, you will need to following these steps for each device:

1. Have your Phone Number and Voice Password ready

You will need to add your own home number and password to give access to the Voice app to take and make calls. Both of these items are provided you via email when we create your Voice service for you, as well as in the MyStuff dashboard next to you Voice service in the My Set Up section.

If you cannot remember or find your Voice Number and/or Password, please refer to this Support article.

2. Set up each device

You will use the same Password for each device but the Username (Phone Number) will be different on each one.

All other device will use the extension of (-1), (-2), (-3) etc

1st device will be the standard number eg : 09 ### ####

2nd device : 09 ### ####-1

3rd device  : 09 ### ####-2

... and so on. The last device will have the extension (-5)

3. Use each device

Each device should now ring at the same time when an incoming call is detected. You can answer the call from any device, and the others will stop ringing at that time. Only one device can answer the call at the one time (you wont be able to "listen in" on the call using one of the other connected devices).

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