Grandstream ATA Setup

Description of ports:

  • Internet port - connect this to your router using the supplied ethernet cable
  • Power port - plug in the supplied power cable and adapter here, and then plug it into a power supply
  • Reset pinhole - press a paperclip or similar and hold for at least 7 seconds to reset to factory defaults (Note: You will remove all of the pre-configured information, and need to follow the steps below to set it up again)
  • Phone port - plug your standard phone cable into here, you will need to ensure this is an RJ-11 connection type

Step 1

You must first determine what IP address your ATA has received:

  1. Connect your phone to the ATA, pick up the phone and dial   " * * * " (press the asterisk key three times) to go to the IVR Menu
  2. Press " 0 " and then " 2 " to get the IP Address assigned to the ATA

You will be told the IP address of your device (e.g.

Step 2

Enter the IP address for the device into your browser

Password : admin

Click Login

Step 3


Step 4

Primary SIP server :

Outbound Proxy:

SIP User ID:  Enter the phone number provided by Stuff-Fibre

Authenticate ID: Enter the phone number provided by Stuff-Fibre

Authenticate Password : Enter the password provided by Stuff-Fibre

Step 5

Go to the bottom of the screen and press the Apply

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