How will I benefit from Boost?

Every time a new technology arrives for the internet, it is about improving the speed, capacity and total throughput. And technology companies and technicians keep pursuing these improvements as they are trying to stay ahead of the demand we as consumers have for larger files, richer content, more things in our home connected at once, and to get things done quicker in general.

And whilst Fibre on its own brings with it a whole raft of benefits (like not slowing down when its been raining and your copper wires get soaked!) there remain ongoing improvements and opportunities on Fibre connections as well.

Boost is about opening up options you haven't had available to you previously as well as letting you and those around you do more at once. And we make it easy and affordable, whilst keeping you in control of whether you need it, and when.

What can I do with my Boost?

Ever noticed how it can take a really long time to get to work when there is even the smallest accident on the road to work? Notice also how once the blockage is removed, how it quickly starts to flow again? Its quite strange how a small blockage can turn a normal 15min commute, into an hour long nightmare trip!

Well networks run under the same principle - the more capacity, or bandwidth, there is, the fast everything flows. And the smallest reductions in capacity also have a massive impact on overall performance for everyone.

This is essentially why there is always a good reason to get the most bandwidth you can afford. Its not just about a faster connection (when you already think its fast enough already), its about ensuring that its fast all the time. And this is especially true when you have more than a few people using your connection at home, and it only gets compounded as those users start to download large files or start to stream HD Netflix episodes at the same time!

Here are just a few things that are far better when you have Boost on:

Better video streaming, and to more devices at once

Most of the cool new streaming services, like Netflix or Google Movies, will create a buffer of content for you when they first start up. This means they download the first few minutes or more of what you are watching as fast as possible to start with. This is why you see that annoying pause on really slow connections, and it is worse because they deliberately try to download enough of a buffer to ensure even slow connections dont stop later on!

Well Boost ensures that this buffering is kept to a minimum... and that you will see no pauses or stops in what you are watching.

And if you have many people in your home - maybe you share a flat with a few others, or you have a few kids in your home - then the challenge to keep them all watching their own streaming content grows exponentially!

Gaming improves

For a start, games these days on your Xbox, Playstation or PC are almost all connected to the internet. And it usually starts with getting a hold of the game, or expansion and add-ons - you need to download them. Sure its super convenient that you dont even have to visit your local computer or department store to buy a copy... just a bit disappointing when you are then required to download tens of gigabytes of data before you can start!

Imagine a world where you can download the latest game in just a few minutes, and not hours. Now that really is convenient.

Plus, you get the added benefit of the extremely low ping times (or time it takes to get a response from the server you are using) that are standard with Fibre, so you are up and running sooner, and then the game will be more responsive and better quality overall.

Work from home, even if you send large files

Ever had that moment when you have decided to quickly finish that bit of work on your laptop, and go to send that file just before you dash out the door... only its a couple of hundred megabytes and now you have to wait? Do you regularly send and receive large emails and files from your work?

Boost is a great way to ensure you get large files quickly. Even when everyone in the house is busy watching their movies, chatting with the mates and downloading the latest Call of Duty patch.


There was a time when video calling was going to be the next big thing... until we realised that the internet technology we were using just wasnt up to carrying good quality video yet.

Well the time really is here now, and there are so many ways to talk to others by voice AND video. Fibre means you can get crytal clear HD video over the likes of Skype, Facetime, Whats App, Google Duo - you choose your app, and Boost will make sure it works as you expect it.

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