ASUS WiFi network setup

1. Finding your default WiFi password

Each ASUS router comes setup out-of-the-box with its own unique password. This password is also what router resets to if ever you perform a Factory Reset. You can find it in the picture below:

Router bottom

Your default WiFi password is the 8 digit number next to "PIN Code" or "Wi-Fi Password" depending on model.

2. Changing the WiFi password

It's easy to change the WiFi password to something more secure or easier to remember:

2.1. Login to the Router

Your router can be accessed by entering in your browser.

You will be asked to log in to the router with this screen:

Login screen

Note that the first time you access this, your details are:

Login: admin

Password: admin

The first time you log in, you will be presented with this screen to change your password. You must set a new login and password before you can proceed.

Change password

TIP: We recommend you choose a good password, as this login controls access to your network. If you ever forget the login and password to your router, you can reset it by using the Factory Reset function.

2.2. Changing your network name, and the WiFi password/s

When you login to your router you will see the following screen, with your WiFi network details on the right:

Here you can change:

  1. Your Network name (also known as the SSID). This is how your network appears when a device like your phone or PC lists all of the available networks. Changing this to something that makes sense to you (eg. "SmithFamilyWiFi") will help in places where lots of networks are in range.
  2. Change your WiFi password to something easy to remember. Remember that your default WiFi password is the "PIN Code" you can find on the bottom of your router.
  3. Do the same for your 5GHz network, if you choose to keep them separate.
  4. Hit Apply to ensure your settings are saved.

INFO: The ASUS RT-AC58U comes with two WiFi networks. The 2.4GHz network provides greater range and gets through walls better, but offers lower speed (usually around 70-100Mbps per device). The 5GHz network has less range but can operate at up to 200-350Mbps.

TIP: If you want your devices to automatically choose the best/fastest network currently in range (especially for laptops or phones that you move around your home!) then its best to make the name and password of both networks identical.

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