Do you accept Direct Debit?

One of the questions we asked frequently is whether we accept Direct Debit from a bank account. Certainly it is a good way to keep control of your finances, and is useful when you dont have or dont want to use a Credit Card.

The short answer is yes we do accept debits directly from bank accounts, although there is a twist - we process these using a Visa Debit Card or Mastercard Debit Card.

A debit card provides access to your own money held in your Savings or Cheque account, but with the convenience and security afforded by the Visa or Mastercard processes.

Every major bank in New Zealand offers a Visa/Mastercard Debit Card option, some for a small annual fee and many for free with certain accounts. They all allow you to pay for services like Stuff Fibre over the internet or phone, but dont require you to have a credit limit or apply for credit at all - you use your own money at all times.

We have even done a bit of research to help you work out what may be best for you, so here are the biggest banks and what they offer:

ANZ Logo

ANZ Bank

An ANZ Visa Debit card is like an EFTPOS card, only better.

Use it anywhere Visa is accepted (online, over the phone, overseas and in stores), using money from your everyday or savings account.

ASB Logo

ASB Bank

With an ASB Visa Debit card you can buy online, over the phone or anywhere in the world Visa is accepted, and use your own money to pay.

Make purchases from your transaction or savings account at millions of locations around the world where Visa is accepted

BNZ Logo

BNZ Bank

An everyday card for everyday spending.

Have your money on-hand whenever you need it with a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card. Use it to shop online, over the phone or with Android Pay.

Kiwibank Logo


Link up to two accounts, including joint accounts. Use it like an ATM/EFTPOS card to make in-store purchases and withdraw cash in New Zealand - and use your own money to pay for things overseas, online, over the phone... or any other way you'd usually pay by credit card.

TSB Logo

TSB Bank

A TSB Bank Visa Debit card can be used for your everyday EFTPOS and ATM* transactions, with the added benefits of shopping online, over the phone and travelling overseas. One card for all your shopping needs, using your own money instead of credit.

Westpac Logo


A handy alternative to your credit card, and more versatile than an EFTPOS card.

Debit MasterCard® is linked to your transaction account, so you can spend your own money online and overseas.

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