Special Voice Features / Codes

There are a list of features on your Voice service that you can enable by using special codes on your handset.

These codes are most useful if you are using an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) to connect your standard home phone handset to our router and using Voice for your calls.

NOTE: Where you see "xxx" use the full phone number you are referring to

Do not disturb and Privacy options

*78     Do Not Disturb Activation

*79     Do Not Disturb Deactivation

*30     Caller ID Blocking Activation

*31     Caller ID Blocking Deactivation

*77     Anonymous Call Rejection Activation

*87     Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation

*60xxx   Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Addition

*80xxx   Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Removal

*65xxx   Make a call with Caller ID visible

*67xxx   Make a call with Caller ID blocked

*32     Anonymous caller screening Activation

*33     All callers screening Activation

*34     Call screening Deactivation

Other options

*61     Call Waiting Activation

*81     Call Waiting Deactivation

*69     Call Return (Call back your last caller)

*66     Last Number Redial

*51     Who last called me?

*37xxx   Set Authorisation Pin Code

*37     Remove Authorisation Pin Code (no digits after *37)

*74x   Program Speed Dial 8 (x can be 2-9)

*52     Activate 2talk voicemail system

*53     Deactivate 2talk voicemail system

*54n     Set Call Diversion Timer where 'n' is number of seconds

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