How do I retry my payment ?

Retrying your payment through the dashboard is easy and only takes a minute.

My Stuff button

The button at the top right of this page labelled Login gives you access to your Stuff Fibre dashboard. Simply click on it to get started.

My Account button

Once you have logged in using your Facebook, Google+ or Stuff account details (whichever one you set your account with us up with), you will see the dashboard. Along the top bar you should see My Account which will give you access to your personal and payment details.

Payment button

Now choose the Payment Details section.

You should see any existing cards you have on file with us here. If you have a payment that is outstanding you will see the Retry Payment button.

Now simply choose the Retry Payment Button.

IMPORTANT - Once the payment has been retried. you will see the green tick to show it has been retried successfully.

To ensure the payment has been taken and applied please check the charges screen.

Please contact us if you have any issues or questions with managing your Payment Methods.

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