Medical and Fire Alarms

A common question our customers ask is will my Medical alarm work on the fibre network.

Medical Alarms are there to ensure you can get help quickly should you need to. They are about peace of mind and often an essential tool to support our customers who require medical assistance.

In most cases, medical alarms were previously designed to work with copper cables using telephone lines.  They would plug into a telephone Jackpoint, like any phone, and dial out on the phone. Because they acted like a telephone, it made it difficult to move them across to a Fibre Network.

With the advent of Fibre, the technology of medical alarms has changed for the new Fibre networks.

If you have a medical alarm, before you move to Fibre it's important to check with your provider if its compatible, or whether it requires an upgrade.

In most cases, medical alarm providers are only too happy to arrange a visit to upgrade your alarm. For example, if you have an alarm like the one below, this can be swapped out for a device that uses the mobile network and is more reliable in cases of power outages.

If you have  another type of  Medical Alarm,  we recommend you contact the Alarm provider to confirm if it is compatible with UFB, or whether  it can be upgraded. Often a quick call to the supplier will help guide this.

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