From time to time, outages will happen on our network or the Fibre Network. To check for any known issues please read below and check the links for issues with our wholesalers.

Unplanned Outages:

There are currently not reported outages on our network.

If you are unable to connect we recommend restarting your router. Check our other trouble-shooting guides here online and factory resetting the device following the directions below is often the quickest way to restore a connection.

Recent Unplanned Outages:

01/12/21 13:27
Chorus has reported a Total  Loss of Services outage in the Auckland Region, areas include Point England, & Panmure. This is confirmed to be resolved as of 14:44 on 01/12/21

28/11/21 11:35
The 0800 support line was down from 11:35am to 12:15pm due to a technical fault from our end. This has been resolved & the line is now back up & running.

13/10/21 14:34

We had faced a brief outage where calls coming through to the 0800 support line were silent on both ends. This has confirmed to be resolved as of 14:56.

05/10/21 07:20

We understand that Facebook sites, including Instagram and WhatsApp were down/not loading for some customers. This was not an issue with our network but with Facebook directly. This issue was resolved shortly after 11:00am.

01/10/21 14:37 

Customers are reporting a loss of internet services on fibre. Services are impacted due to a suspected fibre strike. Technicians are current en route. No current ETA

03/09/2021 14:30

The issue is now resolved, and we're keeping a close eye on the network to make sure everything is OK. Once again, we're really sorry for the disruption, we realise the timing was less than ideal!
If you are still unable to connect we recommend restarting your router it failing that, factory resetting the device following the directions below.

03/09 2021  13:38

An outage possibly affecting all customers on the Stuff Fibre network and some other providers is underway. Engineers are working quickly to identify the cause and restore services as quickly as possible. 
NOTE: You are unable to call Stuff Fibre or interact via chat on this website as these services are also affected by the current issue. We intend to provide an update on the situation at 2 PM.

31/08/2021 14:36
We are aware of a network fault in the Waikato area affecting multiple connections in the Waikato, BOP and southern Auckland areas. We understand that customers have automatically been switched to fail-over equipment but this may have caused some connections to drop. A restart of the router should restore your connection. UPDATE: Customers have been switched back to primary equipment and engineers continue to monitor for stability.

Planned Outages:

No recent Planned Outages

How to Factory reset your ASUS Router

Please note: outages affecting smaller numbers of customers or geographical regions may not be listed as affected users may need to be identified on a case by case basis, You may find info regarding these on the pages below for the wholesaler for your area.

If no outage is indicated for your location please Check for a Red PON or OPTICAL light on your ONT as this indicates a fault or issue with the Fibre connection, Alternatively please check your router is connected and set up correctly via the links below and raise a ticket with us if you are unable to get online.




If you are on the Chorus Network and have an ONT that looks like the below, Please click here.

Ultrafast Fibre or Enable Networks

If you are on the UltraFast Fibre Network and have an ONT that looks like the below you, Please click here for Ultrafast Fibre or Please click here for Enable Networks.


If you are on the UltraFast Fibre Network and have an ONT that looks like the below, Please click here.

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