ASUS Firmware updates

1. Ensure you are connected to Wifi or via Ethernet cable then download and extract the new Firmware File from the appropriate link below.

Please note: Certain models will only have our settings applied by default if a specific firmware is applied.

For the ASUS RT-AC59U V2 (Standard model)
Click Here

For the ASUS RT-AC58U ( Older standard model) - Includes a fix for speeds/performance
Click Here

For the ASUS DSL-AC55U (Standard DSL Model) - Stuff Fibre Custom Firmware
Click Here

For the ASUS RT-AX58U (Upgrade model) - Stuff Fibre Custom Firmware
Click Here

For the ASUS RT-AC86U (Older Upgrade model) - Stuff Fibre Custom Firmware
Click Here

For the ASUS RT-AC88U (Older Upgrade model) - Stuff Fibre Custom Firmware
Click Here

Note: To extract this in windows simply right click the file and click Extract All then Extract in the following page.

2. Log into the ASUS router using one of the following options:
Via IP Address using in your web browser
Via Web Address using in your web browser

The Username and Password will be as below or may be different if you have changed them previously:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Note: If prompted you may need to change the login password for your router, You will see the screen below. Router Name refers to the Username and you can either use the current one "admin" or change it if you would prefer.

4. Select "Administration" on the left hand side under "Advanced Settings"

5. Select "Firmware Upgrade" in the options at the top of the page.

6. On the page below click Browse

7. In the box shown below select the file you have extracted from inside the new folder (this should be in your download folder which can often be found by clicking Quick Access on the left) and click Open.

8. You should the screen below, This indicates the update is in progress, this may take between 3-10 minutes.

9. Once it's completed you should see at least 3 blue lights on the top of the ASUS router and it should return to normal, You can now resume normal use.

You can check your firmware version via the page in step 6.

We recommend a factory reset of the router after this process has completed and the device has fully booted, this can be done by selecting restore within the Factory default section in the "Administration -> Restore/Save/Upload Setting" tab.
This will wipe the device fully and restore all settings to factory defaults.

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