ASUS Factory Reset

Usually, a simple reboot of the router can fix a connection issue. It will clear the router's memory and flush the cache in it. Remember that a router is essentially a small computer, and like all computers it likes to be rebooted occasionally.

To reboot a router at any time, simply press the large power button on the back of the router, wait 10 seconds, and push it back in again. It will take a couple of minutes to turn back on.

If your router is still having issues connecting, the next recommended step is a full Factory Reset. This will return your router to the state it was in when it arrived at your home, and will ensure all of the settings in it are correct for a fast and easy connection to our network.

IMPORTANT: A Factory Reset is a simple and safe process, but it does delete any settings you will have changed in the router. It is recommended that if want to keep those settings for later, you first Backup the Configuration in the router. Then you can re-apply those settings by uploading the file it store them to, once your router is working as expected again.

1. Before you begin

Make sure you leave the router turned on. If it is turned off, turn it on and wait until at least the 2.4GHz and 5GHz lights are on.

A Factory Reset will clear any custom settings or router changes you've made. The router's WiFi channel names will default back to their "out-of-the-box" names as will the Network Key which will default to the PIN Code found on the base of the router. Okay, we're ready to go.

2. Find yourself a paperclip, toothpick or something similar

If it's a paperclip you found, open it as per the following image.

3. Push the paperclip into the hole and hold it in for at least 20 seconds

The RESET pinhole is found on the far right of the router as you look down on it. It is situated next to the large power button. You will need to push your paperclip or toothpick in firmly, and may feel a very slight click when the button is pushed.

IMPORTANT: You need to count slowly to 20 whilst you hold the paperclip in. Simply pushing the button, or holding it for only a few seconds only reboots the router - it will turn off and back on with the same settings and will not fix your issues!

4. After 20 seconds release the paperclip, and wait for the router to reset

It may take a few seconds, but eventually all the lights on the router will go out. Shortly after, the power light will come on.

It may take up to another 2 minutes for the reset to complete, at which point all of the first four blue lights should be on.

Once the second light comes on (the "internet" light), you should be connected again and ready to use the internet.

5. Connect to the router over WiFi or Ethernet cable and browse to a website.

With all of the lights on, you are ready to start using the router again.

IMPORTANT: Your WiFi password will have been during the Factory Reset process. It will now be the default password set for that router, which is printed on the bottom of the router. Instructions on how to find the default password, as well as photos of what it looks like can be found in this article.

If you still can't connect, please give one of the team a call on 0800 862 337.

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