I can't find my address

Sometimes an address doesn't come up right away when you search or it's not in the list of options. In that case you will need to do a manual address look up.

It is best to do this in a private browsing/incognito window.

In Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+N

In Firefox press Ctrl+Shift+P

Alternatively follow the steps below:

In Chrome:

In Firefox:

In the private browser/incognito window go to the Stuff Fibre website https://stuff-fibre.co.nz/

In the address look up start putting your address until the drop down menu shows the option Enter Manually Instead

Click Enter manually instead and put in the street address and one other option such as postcode, suburb, or region then click check address

The next page should show a list of addresses, Press Ctrl+f to open a search bar.  Click in the search bar and start typing the address.

Matching information should be highlighted

Select your address from the list and proceed with placing an order

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