How do I transfer my account to someone else?

There are times when people will move out of a property and the people who are remaining are keen to stay with Stuff Fibre.

Our process as indicated below is for the new person to place an order with us, the existing account holder to email us for cancellation and then for the form below to be filled out and submitted advising this is a transfer of ownership.

Even though the existing account holder is leaving the property, as the account is under their name they will still be responsible for the services and payments with us until their account has been closed.

To ensure this is processed correctly please ensure you follow the steps listed below:

  1. Please have the NEW Account Holder place an order via our website.
  2. Please have the OLD Account Holder email us requesting cancellation from the end of the billing period.
  3. Please complete the form linked below to advise us this has been done and that we need to update both accounts.

Regarding Transfer - The transfer of service is not considered complete until all steps above are completed.

Regarding Contracts - The new account holders order in the steps above MUST include a contract term for the contract to be removed from the old account, The new account will not be eligible for any additional discount/etc until the contract term from the previous account has completed.

Re-Signing Contracts - The new account holder may sign a new contract if the existing service was not under a contract already.


Q. Does the new person start a new contract or continue the existing contract?
A. The new person will continue the existing contract, they will not be eligible for any bonus's where one was received earlier on in the contract by the old account holder.

Q. What if I'm not under contract?
A. Follow the process above and we'll waive the setup fee as long as you are replacing an existing customer at the same address. You are welcome to select one of our contract offers if you would like to start a new contract!

Q. What if I'm moving address at the same time?
A. This would not be considered a change of ownership as there is nothing to transfer.

Q. What if my contract has already completed?
A. We'll transfer the promotional pricing across to the new account along with the router OR the new account holder is free to sign a new contract.

Q. What if the new person is not yet ready to sign up?
A. You must specifically advise of this via email, We'll allow up to a maximum of two weeks for a new order to be placed where we have been advised of this previously.

Q. What if the new person does not sign up?
A. This will be considered standard termination of service and any termination fees will apply, The router will also need to be returned unless it has been purchased.

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