How do I Transfer my Subscription to someone else?

There are times when people will move out of a property and the people who are remaining are keen to stay with Stuff Fibre.

We've simplified the process and there are just a few steps to complete for the transfer to happen. Please 

Agreements that have passed their subscription commitment end date cannot be transferred. You can still transfer the service but a brand new subscription will be applied. 

There will not be any interruptions to the existing service and the router can remain with the new service-holder.

  1. The new person you are transferring the service to will need to sign up and create their own account, just like you did when you joined (if you did so online).
    1. Go to this link and type in the address.
    2. Select the appropriate plan or the one that best matches the existing plan. We'll make any required adjustments when the order is received.
    3. At the checkout, select to transfer the service from 2Talk as shown below. This indicates to our systems that we will be transferring a service between two Stuff Fibre customers.
    4. Enter the Date to transfer the service. This should be the date you are paid up to. It is very important to select a date that both the new and retiring customers agree on.
  2. Once the order has been successfully completed, they will need to complete the transfer request form on this page with some details you provide them.
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