How our IP Addresses work

Dynamic IP

By default we use Static Dynamic IP Addresses, these will often remain the same for a few weeks at a time however we are unable to guarantee how long you will retain the same IP Address or manually change the IP from our side (other than the purchase of a Static IP as indicated below), with any Dynamic IP it may change at any time to another random Dynamic IP.

Static IP

This is an optional extra that can be ordered via the dashboard on our website once a service has been activated for a one off cost of $50, Once added this will activate overnight and a new IP Address will be assigned to your service that will remain the same as long as your service remains active.
Note: These IP Addresses are issued to your connection via DHCP just like our Dynamic IP Addresses so you do not need to make any changes in your router.


CGNAT Stands for Carrier Grade Network Address Translation
We do not currently use CGNAT although it is likely that all providers will need to move to this sort technology one day in future due to the difficulty in obtaining more IPv4 addresses.


We currently provide only Dynamic IP addresses for IPv6 which are provided via DHCP with Prefix Delegation. We do not currently offer Static IPv6 addresses.

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