How fast will my connection be?

We use independent testing and in-house testing to determine the average upload and download speeds on each of our plans at the peak usage times (weekday evenings when the country is smashing Netflix).

To see the average speeds, just visit the plans pages here and you’ll find the latest results.

We use independent averages when they are available, and if they aren’t (because not all plans are independently tested), we use data we have collected in-house.

These averages will give you an indication of the speeds you will likely get if you use an ethernet cable to plug your computer into a compatible modem and run a speed test with no other concurrent usage on your connection.

The speeds you will experience may be higher or lower than this, as broadband speeds are affected by a range of factors – especially if you are testing via Wi-Fi. These include the time of day, where you live, the location of your modem, how many devices are being used on the connection, the quality and age of your devices, your in-home wiring, any electrical or Wi-Fi interference from other devices, and more.

If you think your connection isn’t going as fast as it should be, just let us know, we’ll be happy to test and work with you to ensure it is humming!

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