Stuff Fibre Voice Add-on FAQ

Q. Can I bring my current home phone number to Stuff Fibre Voice?

A. Yes, as long as the number is still active and working with the old provider. And better yet, it now means you dont have to tie your home number to your copper line at home - it goes with you to wherever you go!

Q. What is a Voice home number?

A. A Voice home number is allocated to a local region within New Zealand. Callers within that local region can call your number for free. Those calling you from outside the region will be making toll calls, possibly at a cost.

Q. Can I make 111 calls on Voice?

A. Of course you can. The Stuff Fibre Voice service supports any local, national or tollfree calls, including those to emergency services. It is important to note that unlike traditional home numbers the Stuff Fibre Voice service wont necessarily show your current location. The operator you speak to won't know your physical location so you will need to provide this information to them.

Q. Can I make International calls?

A. The Voice doesn't support calls Internationally, as we at Stuff Fibre believe there are many free or low cost options already available to help you connect to others overseas. And with Fibre you will find video calling also just got a lot better. You are still able to receive incoming calls from overseas.

Q. Can I make calls to mobile phones?

A. The Voice doesn't support calls to any mobiles, either in New Zealand or abroad. It will still allow any incoming calls from a mobile.

Q. Can I make calls to 0900 numbers? Or any other special number?

A. No, calls to 0900 numbers aren't available. You can call any special number that is tollfree, or normally charged for the cost of a local or national call in New Zealand.

Q. Will the Voice App work without an Internet connection?

A. The Voice app requires an internet connection for it to work. As long as you are connect to either WiFi or the mobile data connection on your phone, you will be able to make and receive calls.

Q. How do I add or remove my Voice service?

A. You can Add/Remove your Voice service anytime from the Dashboard. Please note that simply uninstalling the Voice app from your phone does not mean it is cancelled.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee if I close my Voice account?

A. There are no fixed-term contracts or termination fees for the Stuff Fibre Voice service. You simply pay in advance on a month by month basis. When you cancel your Voice service it will continue to be active until the end of the month, and you are free to move your home phone number to another provider, as long as you do so 5 days prior to its cancellation.

Q. What is my Voice Bill Anniversary Date?

A. Your Bill Anniversary Date is the date you first signed up for our Voice service. Your monthly bill cycle is based on this day. For example, if you signed up on March 20 then the 20th of each subsequent month will be your Bill Anniversary. This date is available to you in the MyStuff dashboard.

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