Set up my ASUS router (VDSL)

1. Connecting my router

1.1. Plug in the router

Connect the included Black Ethernet cable to the Grey "DSL" port on left and the power plug to the power port on the right, Any computers or devices you wish to connect via Ethernet can be connected using any of the Yellow Ethernet ports on the back of the Router.

1.2. Plug the DSL cable into the DSL or Phone jack in the wall

Connect the other end of the DSL cable into the DSL jack, If you don't have one then you may need to plug it into a phone jack via the line filter included in the box.

1.3. Power on the ASUS Router

Ensure both the ASUS Router is powered on, after approx 2 minutes the DSL light should start to flash then go solid.

IMPORTANT: If the DSL light does not go solid after 5 minutes then you may be connected to the wrong jackpoint in the house, You may need to move to another jackpoint and repeat the process.

It is possible that only one particular jackpoint in the house may work, if this is the case it may be marked as DSL/Master or be a visually different type of socket, in other cases it may not be distinguishable from other jackpoints in the property. We recommend trying all available jackpoints in the house.

2. Connecting to WiFi

2.1. Locate the default WiFi password

Your default WiFi password is on the bottom of your router as below, next to the PIN code

2.2. Connect your computer, phone or other device to the WiFi network

Following the relevent WiFi connection guide for your computer or device you should see 1 or 2 networks which will be similar to the examples below, Beginning with Stuff-Fibre and ending in 2G and/or 5G, These will be your WiFi networks and you can now try connecting using the PIN Code as the password.

Once you have selected a network and connected you should now be ready to browse the internet!

INFO: If you want to change your WiFi password at any time, please read this article.

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