Can I Refer a Friend?

You may be wondering whether we have a referral program you can use? The quick answer is YES!

We appreciate that you will want your friends and family to enjoy the award winning service that we offer, and we will make sure they get a little extra something if they do sign up.

And whilst feeling good about helping out someone you care about is probably enough reward, we will give you a little something as a thank you as well!

So how do I take advantage of this offer? Please read the instructions below to get started.

1. Login to your account dashboard

If you already know how to do this, you can skip to step 2

Firstly, please click on the Login button in the bar along the top.

Then click on the login method you used when you signed up with us. (if you cant remember, you can contact us via email and we can help you)

You will then be able to select your name, or use a different login method. If you have multiple accounts with us, they will also list here.

2. Generate a Refer a Friend code

Now that you have logged in to your dashboard, we can generate a special link with a code that refers back to you.

Your dashboard will look something like this. You will be able to see the services you have with us here, and turn add-ons like Boost on or off.

The Refer-A-Friend option is found along the top, just click on it to go to the section where your code is.

On the Refer-A-Friend page you will see the current offer that is available to you, as well as what your friend will get. Note that the rewards are only triggered once the friend is connected with us (this may take a while if they ask for a connection at a future date, or still need Fibre installed at their home!).

We try to make it as easy as possible to share your unique code (that links back to your account). Please refer to the image above, along with the numbered areas:

  1. Here is the full link that your friend needs to use to sign up.
  2. You can click on this button to copy the entire link - you can then paste it into an email or send it to them via a message.
  3. If you want to send the link via Facebook just click on the Facebook button and it will open a post you can easily share with your friend (or all of them!).
  4. If you prefer Twitter you can also post a message to your followers, and allow any or all of them to sign up.
  5. If you just want to easily send an email, you can simply click the Email button - note that you will need a default mail program configured on your computer or device for this to work

NOTE: They will only get the special offer if they use this link. It is also necessary so we can link their order with your account, so you can get your reward as well.

That's it! Once you have sent the link to your friend its up to them to use it to sign up, and get the special offer.

4. Reclaiming the reward

IMPORTANT INFO: Please read these points below.

  • Your voucher code is valid for 12 months from the date it is issued to you. You will need to apply it to your account before then, or else it will expire.
  • Also, please note that the reward is applied at the end of any existing promotion you may already have in place. So if, for example, you still have two months of "half price" left on your current service, the reward will be applied to the third month.
  • You CANNOT apply more than one reward at a time, as each reward will simply over-write any other reward that is there. If you want to claim a second reward at any time, just make sure that you do it in a month when your next payment due is for the full amount of your Fibre (ie. the dashboard shows more than $0.00 due).

Once your friend has signed up, you will receive an email from us just to let you know that they have done this.

This email is sent when they sign up, but we wait until they are successfully connected before then generating your special code to redeem your reward.

To reclaim the reward for your own account, you will need to copy that special code in the email, then login to your account dashboard again.

(if you lose this email, or delete it by accident, you can contact us and we can provide you the code to you then).

This time we will paste the special code you have received into the Voucher Code box, and click on Apply

You will get a pop-up to confirm that the voucher you are applying will change the price of your next payment to $0.00. Click Apply again to apply the voucher

Your dashboard will now update to show that the next payment due is $0.00, and the date it is due on. Plus you should get a green tick to show the voucher was successfully applied.

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