Using a work VPN?

We do not block any VPN traffic on our network or router however your employers VPN system may require specific settings or customization to work.

If you find you are unable to connect to a VPN service we would recommend a factory reset of your ASUS router and try again.

Notes/things to discuss with your IT Team:

  • Some setups or types of VPN may require a Static IP, this can be ordered via the dashboard on our website at a one-off cost of $50 (this activates overnight once ordered).
    PLEASE NOTE: The sale of this product has been suspended until further notice due to a network migration, existing Static IP entitlements will remain.
  • Your VPN may have specific ALG/NAT Passthrough requirements, these can be found under WAN -> NAT Passthrough settings in the router. This may also be known as "Enable Tunneling" and are enabled by default.
  • You may need to disable IPv6 if you require the traffic to be specifically sent over IPv4 only.
  • VPN Traffic may be blocked by the firewall on the router if it does not follow any of the applicable standards, this can be disabled under Firewall -> General -> Enable Firewall and set it to "No".
  • If the VPN service requires direct inbound connectivity you may need to forward ports in your ASUS router Click Here
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