Moving the Fibre Network

Moving the ONT


There are times that you may want to move the ONT inside your property. This may be due to rennovations, or changing your house, or just you don’t like the lights in the bedroom.


All Fibre providers will move an ONT for you there are charges to do this. At Stuff Fibre the charges typically are  $200 to move an ONT that is connected and Working.


Please note if you have removed the ONT or Fibre box, there may be additional charges involved..



Moving your connection from Overheard to Underground.


For customers who are doing rennovations and wishing to move the connection from the street to the house from an Aerial connection to an underground connection, This does come with a price on application.  While it may seem to be an easy job it does require some additional build work on the network. All of this is charged to you the customer.


We always recommend before touching the fibre network or removing it to talk to us first.

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