Spark HG630b Fibre

We do not provide support or assistance with this router.

1. Connect your router to the ONT (Fibre device on your wall) via an  Ethernet cable, This should go in the blue WAN port in the Router and  will typically go in the GE1/LAN1 port in the ONT device although this  port may change depending on the number of services active at your  property. Ensure nothing is plugged into the grey DSL port in the router.

2. Log in to your HG659

Browse to the login page

Username: admin
Password: admin

3. Click "WAN" on the left then select "SPARK_FIBRE" in the center of the page.

Set Connection Type to "IP_Routed (IP)"

Set Access Type to "DHCP"

4. Click Save, Your router is now correctly configured.

NOTE: This device is an older and lower performance device, it will perform poorly and possibly lock up/disconnect on faster connections, we recommend against using this device for Fibre services.

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