Spark HG630b VDSL

We do not provide support or assistance with this router.

1. Connect your router to Phone Jack or DSL port in your wall via a  Phone/DSL cable, This should go in the grey DSL port in the Router and   should plug either directly into the wall or into the DSL port in a   small filter device which will plug into the wall. Ensure nothing is plugged into the blue WAN port.

2. Log in to your HG659

Browse to the login page

Username: admin
Password: admin

3. Click "WAN" on the left then select "SPARK_VDSL" in the center of the page.

Connection Type: IP_Routed (PPP)
Password: stuff123

4. Click Save, Your router is now correctly configured.

NOTE: This device is an older and lower performance device, it will perform poorly and possibly lock up/disconnect on faster connections, we recommend against using this device for faster VDSL services.

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