Can I have multiple services on my account?

The short answer is Yes however we've included some important notes below to be aware of regarding this.

Each if you sign up for a contract/discount on each service then each service will have it's own contract term and potential termination fee, if you have 2 services under contract and you cancel one of them then a termination fee will apply.

Payment Cards:
Although we can set a default card on a per service basis, we can not prevent one card on the account from being used for another service on the same account. Should a payment fail on the default card for any reason our system will charge any other cards in sequence.

Overdue Notifications:
Should any service on your account become overdue you may receive automated notifications, these notifications may arrive out of order as these are triggered based on the billing date on the most recently activated service.
(You may see notifications you have failed your third attempt when it is actually your first, etc)

Invoices display the address of the account rather than the address of the individual service, charges are displayed on separate invoices.

Delivery Fees:
A delivery fee for a router will apply per service as we do not have the ability to ship these in bulk.

You are responsible for each service on your account, we do not recommend ordering a service for another person on your own account unless you are accepting paying for all monthly fees, potential termination fees, unreturned router fees yourself.

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