Linetest Tool

The following tool is used to identify and diagnose any speed issues experienced by our customers.

Windows users:

Download and run the file below.

Click Here

Mac users:

Download the following Zip File, extract and open the LinetestSpeedDiagnostics.jar file.

Click Here

Note: You may need to give permission for it to download and run as well as accept terms and conditions.

Apple users may need to ensure their security settings do not block this app. Link to the Apple support page regarding this -

1. Fill out the info as shown below and click Next.

2. Please follow any instructions provided such as connecting via Ethernet, closing all running programs, etc. (Examples below)

3. Once the test has completed Tick the Save Results option and click Finish

4. Save the results in an easy location such as your desktop.

5. Send us the test results as an email attachment to our support team and we will look over the results.

6. Done.

Result example below:

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